How The Co-op Works

The concept of the Direct Mail Co-op is simple. It is based on the idea that the services of each senior nutrition program around the country are fairly similar, and that effective fundraising principles are universal.

Since 2000, Lautman Maska Neill & Company has honed the creative approaches, lists and direct marketing strategies that work for home-delivered meal programs. We have created fundraising packages that donors everywhere respond to — regardless of whether they live in large metropolitan cities like Chicago and San Antonio or smaller areas like Snohomish County (Washington) and Western South Dakota.

Since regional programs usually do not compete with one another for dollars in their own service area, a group of meal providers who “co-operate” in their fundraising efforts have much to gain by sharing proven techniques and reducing costs.




“It’s hard to believe the changes that can happen in three years. When I first started with Meals on Wheels, the organization was in a survival mindset. There was constant worry over making payroll and holding checks for payment until funds were available. Thanks (in no small part to everything your amazing staff does) we are now looking at funding a six-month operating reserve and a $250,000 Opportunities Reserve. You have changed our functional mindset from how do we cope, to how can we serve more people and do things better.” 

-George Larson, Director, Meals on Wheels of Western South Dakota